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Raw material shortage?

Friday, January 4th, 2008

Danish housing billboard  Danish housing billboard - close up Flying out of Copenhagen airport after the holidays, we spotted the above ad from a Danish real estate & relocation firm surprisingly targeted, not at clients, but at potential house owners about to be posted abroad, it reads:

“Would you like to lease out your home when you move abroad? Let us find a tenant who will appreciate your home as much as you do.”

In Beijing, a majority of high-end landed properties are investment properties (as are high-end apartments). In Denmark, most houses are owner occupied. Investment properties are commonly urban apartments. Denmark has traditionally had a very Danish work-force. The first batch of Indian doctors arrived last year.

On another note, my chemist cousin PA was also on the flight to Beijing. His company had put up a similar sized billboard very near the gate SAS uses for its Beijing flights. Thought it might be to impress Chinese clients coming on visits. Yes, but not quite. The firm needs people and the billboard targets potential recruits.