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Doll House

Sunday, June 17th, 2007

Yesterday, Z, Carol & I were headed west on Changan Jie to meet JC when we noticed tourists on the China World side taking snaps of of the vista across the road. The lower floors resembled a cross-sectioned doll-house in disrepair.

Wang Shi Fu tells us the blocks were built in the early 80s and as housing for the industrial machinery factory that is now Jianwai SOHO (The 2nd photo is what remains of the factory and beside it is a new park currently being landscaped) . He remembers them as premium homes. I remember the elderly a-yi’s chatting on stools outside on hot wind-still summer evenings. Carol thinks it was bad planning in the first place to have built homes on what for centuries has been a major artery into the city. In the central planners’ defence, who would have imagined?