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Insider’s Guide to Beijing 2008

Thursday, December 6th, 2007

Finally got my hands on the Insider’s Guide to Beijing 2008. Found it in, of all places, the good ole friendly Friendship Store on Changan Jie. Strangely, Jenny Lous isn’t stocking it yet.

Lihong’s insights have been quoted in every edition since the guide was first published 3 years ago. This edition includes our thoughts on rents in the Olympic year. Thanks Adam & John for putting our name up in lights.

It’s by far the best contemporary Beijing guide. Lonely Planet doesn’t come close to what this reference achieves. Packed with entertaining yet useful information, what always impresses me is how in-depth the articles are. Also, little or none of the content is re-hashed from last year’s edition. Get one even if you’re only considering moving to Beijing.