Beijing Utility Costs

Just got an email asking about utility costs at suburban homes in Beijing. Here my reply.

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Thanks for your email. At villas in Shunyi, it’s the heating (mostly gas) and air-conditioning (electricity) fees that are the highest with cost highest in the winter and summer months.

For a smaller 200sqm, I’d budget for an average utility cost of about RMB3,000/month. Costs could vary depending on your usage level. For example, if your family is at home during most days, or if you’re away for a month hot August, your costs will drop.

Note that some houses are more energy efficient than others. Also, some houses have thermostats on each floor or in each room. This allows better temperature control and less wastage. For example, older unrenovated houses at River Garden have one thermostat for the whole houses so you can end up having a 2nd floor room that’s too hot and a 1st floor room that’s too cold.

Utilities are typically paid by the tenant. Some tenants (who have room in their housing allowance) include a utility subsidy into the rent. However, note that the landlord would typically keep any unused subsidy.

Water costs are very low here. Satellite TV fees and family club memberships are typically included in the rent.

There’s more useful information in our FAQ here:

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